When To Use Percussion Massager?

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A percussion massager is the easiest and safest way for your physical wellness. It has tons of adding benefits in different circumstances to cope up with different types of pain around the different parts of our body. As it can save you in different situations then you must know the scenarios of it.

In this article, we are going to let you know all the aspects of using percussion massager. So sit back and grasp the whole article to know for what conditions you should use your best percussion massager at home.

What does a percussion massager do?

A percussion massager is a special type of massager that is applied in our body to relieve pain and alleviate many ailments. If you have a percussion massager or going to have any of them then it is high time for you to know how a professional percussion massager works.

The main objective of using a percussion massager is for the deep tissue massage. Using the deep tissue percussion massager, you can send the vibrating strokes in the inner layer of muscles and causes the removal of chronic pain. Those reliefs could be from different circumstances like muscle soreness, joint stiffness, tendonitis, Arthritis, foot numbness and many more. 

Normally, a percussion massager has powerful motor and different nodes or heads attachment so when it continues to give strokes in your body then our body finds the rest. This is why most people use it even though they don’t have cramping or muscle soreness and any other physical conditions. 

What are the benefits of percussion movements in massage? What are the benefits of percussion movements in massage? 

Percussion massager has a wide array of benefits but some of them are pretty useful and common. Here are some major benefits of percussion movements in a massage.

  • Applying the percussion massage penetrates into the muscle and the movements or vibration of muscle causes pain relief. 
  • Percussion massage generates increase the blood circulation remarkably
  • Percussion therapy cures chronic pain like arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, advanced level of diabetes, lumbar injuries, etc.
  • Its influence in our body positively and strengthens the immune system
  • It is applied as a special treatment for getting faster relief from injury

When to use percussion massager?

Using a percussion massager doesn’t require any condition however it can serve to heal certain diseases and also improve physical wellness. It causes physical therapy and relieve us from a certain situation. Let’s talk about the conditions when you can use it and get tremendous benefits.When to use percussion massager?

  • Medical treatment: 

The best use of percussion massager is to provide therapeutic treatment for post-surgery. When medication causes lots of side effects a percussion massage would be the best option that every doctor suggests. When a person gets a serious injury and the internal issue badly get scar then the percussion massage relieves the pain and promote fast relief. Besides this, it treats with muscle soreness, spasms, cramps and any issues with muscle fibers. 

The fast healing process is not that easy especially when you fractured one of your bones. At the same time, you will feel the pain continuously too. The percussion massager is surprisingly beneficial to this ailment, especially if it boosts the healing. Due to the deep tissue massage, the muscle spasm and soreness come to heal fast. If a patient is having an injury and unable to recover from the pain then it must come to work. 

  • Daily pre and post-workout:

The workout itself is a heavy massaging for the overall body muscle and when it turns out to be intense than we probably do have problems like muscle knots and muscle soreness. Especially this situation comes to the gym enthusiasts who take a lot of body stress lifting up the weights and other workouts. For them, percussion massager is a winsome handheld massager before pre and post-workout.

  • Heal Sports injury: 

Sporty people also should have a percussion massager to get the daily healing benefit from a vulnerable threat to the injury. Some injuries may turn even more catastrophic than the regular. For those consequences they become unable to walk, hence the percussion massager at least helps them to relieve the pain by stimulating the muscle points of that injured or impaired areas. 

  • Everyday healthy blood circulation

Percussion massager helps to provide deep tissue massaging and the vibrating mode generates more blood running to the blood vessels. It can instantly boost the blood circulation level for that a person can feel energized and release from the issues having diabetics. When running or walking is tiresome work and it takes time to do so, a percussion massager is the easiest way to boost the blood circulation indeed. 

  • Aid to mental health:When to use percussion massager?

If you are having hypertension then percussion massager will definitely help you to reduce the tension. Also, if you come to your home after a long tiring day and become stressful in that case you will also see the results. 

  • Aid to fight disease for patients:

Our immune system comes to boost up while using any percussion massager across the body. Researchers found activity in the lymphocytes when using percussion massager, which is an integral part of the fight with diseases. Hence, once a person ever come to use it, he or she will get benefits in the long term usage. 

  • Aid to sleep well: 

If anyone has difficulty sleeping then using a percussion massager will help them to get better sleep. The massaging process help to exert an adequate amount of chemicals from the glands that aids to sleep well. 

  • Best deal when suffering from chronic pain:

Having chronic pain is the negative output of many diseases. The number of patients who have this issue is half a million or even more than that. Statistics showed that about one person out of 5 people has gone through chronic pain once in a life. Hence, it is the biggest concern now for the World Health Organization. Deep tissue massage by the percussion massager really helps us to cope up with that. 

Are percussion massagers good for you? Are percussion massagers good for you?

Normally, applying percussion massage causes benefits to all of us regardless of our age or sex. The sports enthusiasts get the ultimate benefits while using a percussion massage especially when they have an injury. But the main thing is how a person will get benefit from it even though they don’t have any conditions? 

Well, a person who doesn’t have any diseases or physical conditions will get great relaxation from it. Moreover, it helps them to boost their mental health generates good feelings from glands and stimulates blood circulation and improves the immune system. 

The overall experience of using a percussion massager makes our everyday life more healthy and contributes to future days. It has nothing to do with any side effects at all that’s the main reason for applying percussion massage on your body. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know there are a few questions may come to your mind while dealing with the percussion massager. Therefore, we are going to tell you a few of them

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

However, many pregnant women still afraid of massage during pregnancy, still it is safe for most of them. During pregnancy massage can alleviate their mental and physical stress to a great extent.

is vibrating massager safe for pregnancy

The vibrating massager is not only safe but also helps to release muscle knots, soreness and provide relaxation from deep tissue massage. Furthermore, it can boost the blood circulation, as a result, reduces many symptoms of diseases. 


Using a percussion massage has many aspects and conditions, however, in most cases, we can use them regardless of our different ages. Many people still may have such confusion about the timeframe of using percussion massager. If you are healthy or have some physical problems in both conditions you can use percussion massager, and this is already come to prove. Hence, there is no reason to be confused with using it.

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