What Is The Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy?

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An ideal foot massager is a blessing to those who are suffering from Neuropathic disorder. This is the process of non-abrasive treatment and you don’t need to worry about the side effects of medication. Absolutely free from any side effects, make it popular now among the health enthusiasts. 

Foot massagers are great but not all of them. So you must come to know what is the best foot massager for neuropathy. The best foot massager will recover your damaged spinal cord and nerves of your brain. Those nerves now become numb, painful, weak so you are feeling pain mostly in the head, feet, hands of your body. If you stick to this article you will come to know how to overcome these issues. 

What is the best foot massager for neuropathyWhat is a foot massage? 

Foot massage techniques are not a new thing rather it has been practicing for thousands of years from ancient China. It helps to stimulate the neuro functionalities at the same time boost the blood circulation. A foot massage can be done in many ways but the best way is to have an electronic foot massager device. Researchers say that in our feet there would 7,000 nerves and the role of foot massage is to stimulate them. As a result, it paves the way for relaxation, cure of pain, improves many health conditions. 

How does foot massager work? 

Foot massage is the process of vibration across the feet for that the blood circulation process comes to increase. The main attention of this foot massaging is with foot reflexology, which leads to the betterment of health conditions. Our main reflex zone is under the feet, where you find the nerves that travel through the spinal cord and reach the brain. So, here is the main reason to massage them and make them relaxed means you take care of your brain nerves as well. 

Is Foot Massage healthy?

Foot massage is absolutely good for health and the main reason is it does not come with any side effects. It has versatile health benefits like increasing our blood flow, alleviate pain, release chronic pain from muscle soreness.  It is healthy regardless of any age or sex so it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, male or female. Sometimes, we face some great chronic pain with or without medical treatment, in that case, we use medication. Any sort of surgical treatment especially for the injured person, foot massaging brings the best results. Most importantly, foot massage is the best healthy treatment.

Is massage good for neuropathy?

Massage is good for neuropathy, especially when it is a foot massage. As we have already mentioned that thousands of nerves are under our feet that travel through the spine and finally reach to the brains, so assume the importance of feet. Therefore, our feet are the place where you can apply massage to make your numb nerves alive. Many doctors suggest their patients massage their feet every day or at least once a week, who are having trouble with neuropathy. 

Note:  We have covered another article on Is massage good for neuropathy? If you think you need to know more about this then you just have a look at that article. 

Do foot massagers help neuropathy? 

Foot massager help to deal with neuropathy disorders. As you have already come to know how a foot massager works so you will comply with the key advantages of having a foot massager. Normally, neuropathy is a common disorder of diabetics and the main zone of affecting area is our feet. So when a foot massager keeps massaging and gives relaxation bringing the adequate blood flow, helps neuropathy.

Note: Still don’t get how do foot massagers help neuropathy? Then just grasp the whole article here, where our therapist draws some outline on that.

Benefits of foot massager therapy:

There are certain benefits you will come to experience once you apply foot massager across your feet. Let’s sort out what they are 

  • A foot massager is a sense of wellbeing by serving body relaxation, for that, you can sleep better, energized and feel comfortable all day.
  • Foot massager promotes blood circulation around the body also, promote cell repair and growth
  • Foot massager heal the plantar fasciitis disease so you can feel the relaxation in your heel bone
  • Regular foot massage will improve the mood and help to fight with depression

What is the best foot massager for neuropathy?

There is no so-called massager that we just name it and you will bring it at home. However, there are some features of it that make it the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy. Let’s let you know those features belowWhat is the best foot massager for neuropathy

  • Design or Construction:

They are two types of design open design foot massager and closed design. Open design massagers are lightweight, portable, easy to use and comfortable. 

On the other hand, the closed design is the popular one for many advanced add ons there. And, the best thing is you can get proper warmth across your feet using them. Again they come with many massage techniques, especially the Shiatsu one. 

  • Size:

After the design or type of massager, the size of it is another great concern for you. Basically, it will determine who can use it or who can not.

In that case, you need to know what is your feet size. For instance, some foot massagers come for them who have normally feet size above 10 but below 14. On the flip side, some foot massagers come for the large feet like 14 feet. If your feet unable to accommodate in the massager then the rest of the great features are absolutely worthless. 

  • Weight:

Normally lightweight foot massagers are recommended by the therapists. Therefore, you can have the easy storage of it and bring it anywhere with you. However, it is not the mandatory feature as some advanced foot massager for the legs and feet massaging often comes with more weights. Again, the heavier foot massager is a bit stable compared to the lightweight massager. 

  • Massage modes:

This one is the main deciding factors indeed. Earlier we had manual foot massager but you just need to concentrate on electronic foot massager or Shiatsu foot massager. The electronic foot massager is an open design that is great for Plantar Fasciitis as you can easily set your heel. On the other hand, the shiatsu one has two chambers where you will keep your feet and experience great air compression modes with intense foot massage. 

  • Heat functionalities: 

Having heating modes are not the regular one in all foot massager. But this one is the best feature to give you warm sensation and provide ultimate relaxation. It is cozy and great for the cold season and it enhances the blood circulation. When the regular massager doesn’t have this feature then you can make a difference of it. It activates all the pressure point sensation and more perfectly releases the pain like muscle tension and relax tired feet. 

How long should you use a foot massager? 

How long should you use a foot massagerUsing a foot massager every day will help you to gain your average blood circulation. At the same time, if you are facing any issue especially with the plantar fasciitis then you can overcome it. 

But you should come to know what is the best foot massager for neuropathy? It actually depends on how your feet accommodate that particular foot massager. As we have already told you that open design and closed design foot massagers. So you need to ensure which you are going to bring it at home.

And, when it comes to the duration of the massage, then you should put your feet not more than 15 to 20 minutes. It is because of avoiding overheating especially for the closed foot massager. 

Most of the therapist claims that the early morning is the best time for your foot massager for diabetic neuropathy.  Our nerves need more stimulation in the early morning when we wake up and every part of our body begins to run.

Note: Foot massager machine has tons of adding benefits but it fails to serve you while you don’t know how to use foot massager. Follow our step by step methods, where we will educate you to maximize the benefits of using them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any sort of quarries in your mind? Then just have a look at some common FAQ regarding foot massager.

Can diabetics use a foot massager?

Neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetic patients and surprisingly a foot massager helps to lower the impacts so diabetic patients can use a foot massager

Is a foot massager good for diabetics?

Foot massager deal with reflexology process which paves the way for the betterment of diabetics condition by lowering down the numb nerves so it is obviously good for diabetics

How many times a day can you use a foot massager?

You can use a foot massager as much as you can as it doesn’t have any side effects. However, make sure each time you don’t put your feet more than 15 minutes.

Do foot massagers improve circulation?

Yes, foot massager works with stimulating blood circulation the vibration accelerates the overall blood circulation. 

How do you get rid of neuropathy in your feet?

If you want to get rid of neuropathy in your feet, you must apply a foot massager that reduces the tension of muscles, increases blood flow and eventually relief numbness from thousands of nerve cells.

Do foot massagers improve circulation?

If you ever come to apply any foot massager, you will see the redness across the feet that is the evidence of improving blood circulation.

Final thought:

What is the best foot massager for neuropathy is actually depends on adjusting your feet with the foot massager. Again, you must know the way of using a foot massager. In this article, we have sorted out some common hacks about it. Following this, you can overcome your health condition and feel energetic like before. Beware of using the poor brand’s product and thus try to bring a good quality foot massager. 

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