Pure Wave CM7 Massager Review

Percussion massagers are now the most trendy thing for the athletes and sports enthusiasts. Besides, more or less, everyone wants to try out how it helps to relieve the pains with tons of health benefits. Depending on the size and shape, there you will find a number of percussion massagers, however, not all of them would serve the purpose effectively for you. 

We come to know one universal percussion massager that is the Pure Wave CM7 massager machine. It is more versatile than any other percussion massager at the same time it is designed for serving as the best ergonomic massager too. Let’s give you some insights on our Pure Wave CM7 Massager review. 

About the BrandPure Wave CM7 Massager Review

Pado came to the massager industry and won millions of hearts. In the year of 2018, they have sold a huge number of Pure Wave massager and a market survey showed that Pure Wave CM5 was the best sold percussion massager on that following year. The USA proud company easily drags the attention of many countries and people use it and put their trust upon them. For that Pado able to level up the Brand value to a great extent, and now it is one of the renowned USA made percussion massager company. 

Who Can Get Benefited?

Regardless of age and sex, people will benefit from CM7 as the best professional percussion massager. It has a lot of things in one place starting from the deep tissue massage to the micro vibrating soothing massaging. Since percussion massager has no side effects like the medication, hence there is no risk to use it. 

While using the common percussion massager, you may experience some cons like the overweight, less adjustable modes, and head nods and most importantly not powerful enough for the deep tissue massage, Pure Wave CM7 won every battle. Due to having, six different modes including facial, scalp and oil tips so now you can use it as home parlor too. However, the main concern of it is percussion therapy. The unbeaten power of 1500 to 3700 rpm speed allows you to provide any intense therapy you want. 

Pure Wave CM7 Massager Review

  • Dual Percussion + Vibration Therapy: Having the dual-motor in this percussion massager allows to toggle between the intense level. As you know not all body parts are the same, and thus some of them require intense massaging and some of them are not. Pure Wave CM7 Massager machine comes with the dual-percussion hence, you can use it as a percussive therapy at the same time soothing micro-vibration. Pure Wave CM7 Massager Review
  • Self-Massage Therapy: The main purpose of buying a percussion massager is to use it oneself avoid going to visit a therapist. Hence, it saves time and effort at the same time. To provide so, this CM7 is absolutely easy to operate with just a few buttons, you can experience the self-massage therapy of it. 
  • Powerful Deep Tissue Massage: This CM7 massager has the unyielding power for that you can experience the ripple effect on your muscles. Having this powerful feature, it can easily penetrate the thick muscle and treat the muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms. 
  • Dual Motor Design: Pure Wave massager has to adjust two motors, each of them will be operated at the same time when the second one remains off. Both of these modes activated by the On/Off speed Dial. The motor will come to work with the different heads of it, like while you are dealing with the facial head then switch to the lower level of motor and while dealing with the six kneading heads then you must go to the powerful motor. 
  • Easy to operate: Having many features may come to fail at one point that is not user-friendliness. Thankfully CM7 is easy to operate for having the easy to reach handle with the ergonomic design. The weight of it is just accurate so that you can experience the portability while carrying it or allowing massaging to any parts of your body. 

Key features:

  • This massager comes with a powerful dual motor with the adjustable intensity mode
  • It has 6 versatile head attachments that ensure all body parts percussive massaging
  • The slow mode of micro-vibration allows facial and soft tissue massage
  • It is lightweight and ergonomic design so easy to reach anywhere to our body
  • It comes with 1500 to 3700 versatile RPM speed 

What is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7?

CM7 is the latest and somewhat advance percussion massager that released before CM5. So you must be guessing that CM7 comes with more features, yes you are right. The things you will find in CM5 will remain the same as the CM7 like both of them have the powerful and variable speed. The difference basically comes with head attachments. When you will see the three head attachments in CM5, in CM7 there you will find a total of six head attachments. 

Apart from the air cushion stick, point stick, and 6 head stick, you will get 3 additional heads with CM7. To experience it, you can choose the CM7 obviously. They are the facial tip, scalp tip and the oil stick and all of them run by the micro-vibration mode. So, having this micro-vibration mode in CM7 is an extra feature, which you may not see in the CM5. 

Note: The difference between these two massagers has shown above to you. However, if you want to know more about what is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7 then read between our in-depth article on this.

How to use pure wave cm7 massager?How to use pure wave cm7 massager?

Using CM7 is easy for that you just need to know a few things. First off, it works by dual-mode operation. The first mode of operation is for percussive therapy and the second mode is for facial micro-vibration mode. If you want to experience the percussion therapy then just turn the ON/OFF speed dial to the clockwise. The first turning mode will be activated easily and when you want to turn it on for facial mode then you need to turn it to the clockwise 180 degrees, however, before that, you will hear a second beep. While hearing the second beep, you will see the indicator is blinking then you come to know that is activated. 

Now you have come to know how to activate the dual-mode but still, you need to know how to deal with the head adjustments. As you already know there are 6 head adjustments and all of them have the separate roles of massaging. There is a threaded attachment installed. If you want to remove the attachment you just need to turn the attachment to the counter-clockwise. 

Note: If you still confused about how to use pure wave cm7 massager, then feel free to visit on that following article, where we have added more information regarding this topic.

Pure wave massager charging instructions

 Read carefully, the charging instruction here

  • At first, you need to plug the charger into the electrical outlet
  • After that, do the same but now plug with the charger into the pure wave cordless massager
  • You will come to see the massager has an LED light that shows Red, Orange and Green colors. 
  • Each color is the state of massager that shows signals and the green color means your massager gets 90% of charge.
  • In that situation, remove the charger as it is ready for the cordless experience and ready for use.

Battery Replacement

Pure Wave is run by a powerful Lithium-ion battery that operates by the AC charger. The battery life is decent that is 180 minutes but keep in mind avoid overheating by using it at a stretch. Besides, this battery is equipped with the 7.2V lithium-ion 2200mA, and more importantly, it is replaceable only by the manufacturer. If you come to know the battery comes to the dead then you must need to inform the manufacturer. 

Safety Information 

While using pure wave cm7, you may need to know some safety hacks for that, you can stay safe from an uncertain situation. Just read between the lines of the following safety information. 

  • Always use the given charger provided with your massager. Any unspecified charger may lead to overheating, shock or even explosion that may come with the massager.
  • Stay safe from using a massager with wet hands, especially when it is plugged into power.
  • Make sure you keep the product away from heating appliances, for instance, microwave, hot utensils or pressure cooker. 
  • You must not apply force on it when applying percussion massage. 
  • Finally, try to keep it aloof from the child’s reach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If anything still makes you confused then you can have a look here: 

How long should it take to massage?

Well, it takes just 30 to 60 seconds for each spot, but depend on the more intense massage the duration may come to extend a bit. 

Is it safe during Pregnancy?

Yes, CM7 is absolutely safe during pregnancy, however, we suggest you not to go through the intense therapy around the belly and hips. 

Does it lightweight and easy to use?

CM7 is built for experiencing user-friendliness, for that it is lightweight and easy to reach during percussive therapy. 


After reading the whole article on the Pure Wave CM7 massager review, you must come to know about the product. Again we have sorted out some of the differences between cm5 and cm7 so that you can compare the previous model with it and make a worthy decision to buy it. The most amazing thing is this type of percussion massager is so diverse so the whole family of yours comes to benefit from it. 

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