Is Massage Good For Neuropathy?

Is Massage Good For Neuropathy?Neuropathy disorder starts from the numbness across the body parts, mostly the feet, legs, and hands. It could be a serious issue for later in the future if you don't take it under consideration when it starts. The massaging process is one of the most effective choices, as it is free from any side effects as well. For different body parts, you may need to apply different types of massage.  

The massaging process is not an advanced treatment rather it comes from the ancient medics like thousands of years ago, in China. However, it is becoming popular with us a few years back, and likely to be getting more popular in the coming days. If you want to know how it serves the neuropathy then don’t go anywhere, as we are going to reveal is massage good for neuropathy or not.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a condition of the poor nervous system. It is also known as peripheral neuropathy, which means the abnormality of our nervous system. In other words, our nervous system is like a big web, and every channel of that web comes to an end to the core place, which is our spinal cord and brain. Afterward, from our brain and spinal cord, it spread out other parts of the body. To be frank, the whole scenario is even vast then you can imagine. 

If we define the peripheral nervous system then we will differentiate them into 3 segments. They are

  • Sensory nerves
  • Motor Nerves 
  • Autonomic nerves

Signs And Symptoms Of Neuropathy In Your Feet

Symptoms of your neuropathy basically depend on which location of your nerves come to damage. Keep that mind, it may occur at any time and the sudden occurrence of it is the acute condition. On the other hand, some are developing in a slow process is called chronic neuropathy. Here are some of the common symptoms, when you will have feet neuropathy.Signs and symptoms of neuropathy in your feet

  • Numbness in your feet
  • Tingling
  • Loss of reflexes
  • Pain pressure or severe pain that comes and goes
  • Feeling you wear socks even you are not
  • Burning sensation.

Type Of Neuropathy Massage Features:

Neuropathy massagers have a number of differences and only the therapist can determine it. But when you are in need of the best foot massager for neuropathy then you can consider some of the following features that an ideal massager has. 

  • Oscillating massage:

This type of foot massaging comes with the open design model, as there is plenty of space to place any shape of feet on the pressure points. After that, it starts oscillating and brings more blood circulation and relieves pain instantly. This type of massager feature is good for diabetic neuropathy patients for better mobility and circulation.

  • Air pressure massage:

This type of feature is only found in the closed design foot massager where you can have arch and side muscles massaging of your feet. In order to go through that massaging, you need to inflate and deflate that particular airbags remain on your foot massager. 

  • Kneading massage:

It is a versatile form of foot massaging so that it available on both open and closed design massager. The massage heads come to spin like clockwise and anticlockwise just at your foot soles, and so you get relief from pain.

  • Shiatsu massage:

Shiatsu massaging is one of the advanced techniques, and only applicable to the closed models. It is the most popular and effective process so far we know as it can stimulate every pressure point of feet muscles at the same time bring more blood circulation.

  • Heated massage:

The main reason for it is to give you a warm sensation that soothes the feet muscle from pain. But it comes with precaution so one needs to beware of it as this should not allow when the sensation is not working for some people. Again, it is not recommended by the experts to allow strong heat as well. The main reason for it is to give you comfortable and cozy feet when winter hits. However, it also improves circulation to some extent.

What Is The Best Treatment For Neuropathy Pain?

A person who comes to know he has peripheral neuropathy symptoms then he is looking for what is the best treatment for neuropathy. He remains in a panic condition and when goes to the doctor, he comes to know the best treatment for neuropathy is foot massaging. 

Now, guess why it is the best for us and most of the doctors recommend it? Normally, when we come to know about the treatment, we also get to know the side effects of it. There is no medication that does not come with some side effects and the same goes for surgical treatment as well. But surprisingly, foot massage has no side effects and it is applicable regardless of any age and gender. So there is no option to think is foot massage good for neuropathy or not.

What Is The Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy?

There is no specific best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy that will eliminate all the issues of neuropathy. However, there are few certain things and based on that, you can determine what is the best foot massager for neuropathy. Let’s shed some focus on it below:What Is The Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy

  • Design: 

Normally, foot massager comes with two different designs, they are open and closed design. As we have explained the features of massager, where oscillating mode for the open model. Besides, it is easy to rest your feet over there. You can easily bring it anywhere as a close design massager is portable as well. However, it fails to massage as intensively as the closed model can do especially for the calves, ankles, heels, and arches. But the good thing is it easy to maintain and affordable. 

Now the closed design is the compact one and it offers advanced foot massaging allowing many features like kneading, air pressure, heat massage, and shiatsu massaging as well. This kind of massager comes with two separate chambers where you will rest your feet. Some of them are more advanced so they are controlled by remote control. You can personalize that massager in great ease and they are more functional than the open model. 

  • Portability:

If you want to keep your massager to the gym, office or anywhere you want then you should buy a portable massager. Normally, the portable massager is lightweight and is easy to fit in your travel bag and so you can keep it when traveling. The open design foot massager has more lightweight and portable availability compared to the closed design. 

  • Size:

The size is a big factor while choosing a massager for you, as most of them do not come with the same size. Normally, foot massager comes with the standard size that is up to 14 feet. If you have larger feet than you may need to pick such one that comes exceptionally large, the same goes to the small one. 

  • Stability: 

Stability is one of the important features that we often overlook. It relates to how it behaves when you change your position like you stand up from the sitting posture. Normally, your standing position on the massager causes damage to the motor, but to what extent? This is called stability and if a massager is more stable on that condition would be the better one indeed. Another but important concern is the adjustability like you can adjust your height and feet with it. You can also adjust your feet in the front or rear side mean you can recline your massager as a result, you will have more space. 

  • Durability:

More or less this could be a common feature for every product. An ideal foot massager should be worthy of investing and it depends on how durable it is. Normally, a foot massager won’t be worn out after a few months, if you don’t smash it over the ground. So, before you buy any of them, make sure the brand is reputed and the material is from good grade as well. 

Foot Massager For Diabetic Neuropathy

When one comes to know he is having the diabetic symptoms then the neuropathy disorder comes as a by-product. For that, the diabetic patients tend to have numbness and tingling feeling across the feet mostly. In that case, foot massaging lowers the condition of them and the exciting thing is that they don't need to go through any medication that brings side effects. 

More or less, every diabetic patient’s common issue is with that. Therefore, foot massage is also a common treatment. The main role of foot massaging is not only relieved the pain that comes from neuropathy but also, it helps to get more blood circulation as well. 

Note: There are a lot of hacks you need to know about foot massager for diabetic neuropathy. We cover another article on that matter, so have a look to know more about this.

Is Foot Massage Healthy?

Foot massage is good for health as it brings adequate blood circulation, and relieve from the peripheral neuropathy condition. The main reason why it is considered to be healthy because it doesn’t have any side effects. Moreover, the chances of having any accidental issue are close to 0%. 

Do Foot Massagers Help Neuropathy?

One of the main reasons for foot massaging is to get relief from neuropathy. Because, it alleviates the conditions of tingling, numbness, stiffness, and soreness across the calves. If you ever come to know the causes that lead to this trouble and get relief, you will be more confirmed how it works.

Neuropathy is a combination of disorders and they could be numbness, tingles, joint stiffness, and overall physical discomforts. The main role of foot massaging is to give a pain-relieving sensation by the vibration mode of it. Besides that, some massager provides a warm sensation that also relief that pain as well. 

Note: There are a number of reasons to apply foot massage, and if you want to know do foot massagers help neuropathy or not, read our article.

How Long Should You Use A Foot Massager For Neuropathy?

There is no definite answer to this as it doesn’t have any side effects. But if you see the feature of some advanced foot massager, you come to know that, they come to a standstill by the automatic shut down after ten to fifteen minutes. Now why this particular time is followed by those massagers? First off, the massager may avoid heat through this process, at the same time, our feet need to take some rest or take a short break. 

The Benefits Of Neuropathy Massage Therapy

Using a foot massager has so many versatile benefits for different types of ailments. Suppose it is good for someone who has plantar fasciitis at the same time good for them who have diabetics. Let us give some more ideas and unveil the query of is foot massage good for neuropathy or not.The Benefits Of Neuropathy Massage Therapy

  • It helps to bring adequate blood circulation throughout the body using the vibrating sensation 
  • It boosts the low blood pressure to reach to the perfect pressure condition
  • Good for diabetic patients, when they have low blood flow
  • It helps to deal with plantar fasciitis by treating with the pain of heel bone
  • Bring more sensation and warm feeling and relieve from feet muscle tension
  • It boosts the sleeping sensitivity and eliminates the late hours of sleeping

  • Relieve muscle tension, stiffness and maximize the feet activity to a great extent

Frequently Asked Questions:

If still, something is questioning in your mind, we can go through the following most common questions with answers below

How neuropathy affects people?

Neuropathy causes the damage of nerves outside our spinal cords and brains that spread out the body. The consequences come with the numbness and occur mostly in our hands and feet. 

Is massage good for neuropathy in feet?

Foot massage is the best process of relieving pain and numbness from feet by bringing more blood circulation and it helps to eliminate other disorders as well. 

Why is neuropathy in feet worse at night?

There is no exact evidence that relates to this matter, however, we have a few scientific guesses. The most relevant guess is with the less distraction we face while sleeping in the darkroom. On the flip side at daylight, we can keep our mind busy in something else. 

What foods trigger neuropathy?

There is a number of food items that boost the condition and among them, whole grains like oatmeal, wheat, and rice are remarkable. 

Is caffeine bad for neuropathy?

No, Conversely, it helps to block the pain signals to go to the brain, also it boosts the effectiveness of the body's natural pain

Final Thought

When we start foot massaging, the first thing comes to our mind is foot massage good for neuropathy or not. After that, we feel amazed by this process which doesn’t have any side effects. So far very rare treatment with it indeed. We have already shown you all the hacks that a newbie commonly ask. Besides, drawing an outline of foot massaging like how it works at different people will help you to sort it out for yours as well. Make sure, you know all of them and apply them from now. 

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