How to use pure wave cm7 massager?

Pure Wave CM7 massager machine is now the hot cake in the market. The US proud manufacturer Pado builds this amazing massager keeping in mind all the health enthusiasts. As a result, it took everyone’s attention within the shortest period of time. 

If you want to maximize the benefit of this massager, then you must know how to use pure wave cm7 massager. Therefore, we are going to let you know every detail in this pure Wave CM7 Massager Review. Make sure you read the whole article and be mindful of what we guide you. 

How to use pure wave cm7 massager?How to use pure wave cm7 massager?

Using best percussion massager cm7 requires to know a few certain things. If you come to know all of them then you can easily utilize it in the best way. As a result, you will experience it as a pain reliever and blood circulation promoter.

But before you know how you can use it, you must know how this percussion massager works. Hence, you can operate it in the right manner. Here are some of the main operation of this massager:

Cm7 adjustable dual motor: 

Cm7 comes with two adjustable dual motors. The first one is for percussive therapy and the second one is for soothing micro-vibration. You can adjust this dual-motor at the ON/OFF switch that goes around 180 degrees. You just need to toggle the switch clockwise. You will hear two beeps, and the first beep denotes the percussive mode is activated. Afterward, when you move the switch a bit then it turns to the second mode that is micro-vibration, a slower percussion mode. In that case, you will also hear a beep sound along with the blinking indicator signal too. 

Now you have come to know the basic functioning of these modes. Now guess how you can use them? If you have ever come to use any percussion machine then you can guess it easily. Well, the first mode is for 90% of your usages like the rest of the whole body except the face and scalp. You will do so using the head attachments which we are going to let you know now. 

Using head attachments:

How to use pure wave cm7 massager?CM7 comes with 6 head attachments as a professional percussion massager.  

They are 

  • Six head stick
  • Point stick
  • Air-cushion stick
  • Scalp stick
  • Oil stick

As we have mentioned earlier that there are two modes of percussive therapy, intensive and slow mode. These six head nods are divided among this two-mode. Like, for the intensive therapy you will use the six head stick, point stick, and the air-cushion stick. The rest of the stick will be used under slow vibrating mode.

If you want to get benefit from improving blood circulation then start with the six head stick. Apart from it, this will help you to get relief from joint stiffness. It comes with six different attachments also which allow massaging for the following body parts: 

  • Calves
  • Adductor
  • Bicep
  • Forearm
  • Glutes
  • Hamstring
  • Peck
  • Quads
  • Lower Back
  • Tricep

How to use pure wave cm7 massager?The point stick is for deeper therapy to the specific targeted area. It helps to break up the muscle adhesions and knots for that, you can alleviate the acute pain. The point stick is like a sharp head nods that directly penetrate thick muscles, and the place where you can apply are shown below.

  • Hip flexor
  • Traps
  • Shoulder
  • Adductor
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • It band
  • Glutes
  • Forearm
  • Hamstring

Some muscles require softer percussive therapy, unlike the calves, adductors, biceps, and hamstrings. Therefore, you can apply the cm7 Air-cushion stick over there to get softer therapy. This head nod will give you a softer contact over the surface for a number of sensitive tendons and joints. These places are: 

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Rotator cuff
  • Shin
  • Shoulder

Now let's talk about the rest of the three sticks that are run by the slow mode or slow percussive mode. They are Scalp stick, Oil stick, and Facial stick. The scalp stick will exclusively for the scalp that helps to release pain from headaches. The oil stick is not a therapy stick and it is for massaging the creams across such places which are normally hard to reach. Finally, the facial stick is for your face care that will help you to reshape your tightening face. 

Benefits Of pure wave massager

As you know there are lots of diseases that affect different parts of our body, so when you have the pure wave massager you can get relief from all. Let’s read the following benefits that you will get once using Pure Wave.use pure wave cm7 massager

  • Pure Wave massager for blood circulation:

Improving blood circulation is a major benefit while using any Pure Wave massager. The Cm7 massager that we have described above here, is one of the best blood improving massager from this brand. The six head sticks out of a total of six head attachments work like a magic wand to improve the blood circulation. In that case, you just need to apply it over the thick muscle so when it gets contact over the surface then it will bring more blood in no time. The redness across the muscle will prove to you that, you have got sufficient blood circulation so then move ahead to another place. 

  • pure wave massager plantar fasciitis:

Waking up in the morning and feeling a stabbing like pain near the heel bone is the symptom of this disease. Using Pure Wave massager attaching the point head will give you relief from pain at least 3 hours. 

  • pure wave massager for sciatica:

Sciatica disease refers to the pain at the Sciatica nerve which is located at the back or hips zone. Pure Wave massager has such intense massage therapy that penetrates the thick muscle and directly reaches the sciatic nerve and after 15 minutes of percussion therapy, you start relieving from pain dramatically.  

  • pure wave tennis elbow:

It is located above the forearm and just right at the middle joint of our hand. This location is a sensitive place and we recommend you to apply an air-cushion stick. The air cushion stick is not for the intense massaging but moderate only. Hence, using this stick, you will easily get relief from chronic pain across the tennis elbow. 

  • pure wave massager scar tissue:

One of the main benefits of using Pure Wave massager that heals the scar tissue from the regular use of it. It helps to enhance the flexibility of providing scar treatment at the wounded or injured area. Many therapists recommend it for using Pure Wave after surgical treatment too, as it gives quick recovery across the wound areas. 

What is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7What is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7

Pure Wave has two popular massagers they are Cm5 and Cm7. Both of these are percussion massager and have a great deal while you are in need of home therapy. However, you are going to experience a few differences between the two. 

CM5 is the earlier version of Cm7 and thus the latest version Cm7 has almost everything that Cm5 had. So the Cm7 makes the difference with the Cm5, which is the previous edition. 

So what Cm7 exclusively has that draw the differences? Well, the slow percussion therapy around the face, scalp sets the difference actually. As you know the Cm5 has three head attachments and single motorized percussion therapy, the Cm7 comes with six head nods along with the dual motor. Therefore, you can enjoy more adjusting modes along with head attachments. Hopefully, to know about these differences will help you to know how to use Purewave massager.

pure wave massager charging instructions

You just need to follow some super simple charging instructions:

  • Make sure that you plug in the charger into an electrical outlet
  • Same goes with the charger port, plug into the pure wave cm7 cordless massager
  • Now, you will see one of the indicators is blinking that shows it is charging
  • There would be a number of colors, green, red, orange, and green means the charge is done
  • When the charge is done up to 90% then you will see the green indicator is blinking then remove the charger from the port. 

pure wave massager replacement battery

Pure Wave Cm7 considered being one of the most powerful percussion massager due to the powerful Lithium battery which operates by the AC charger. When the battery gets enough charge, it can run up to 180 minutes. That means, it can allow you to experience a great portable percussion massager at your gym center or anywhere outside the home. 

Again, the battery is equipped with the 7.2V lithium-ion 2200mA, and more importantly, it is replaceable only by the manufacturer. If you come to know the battery is dead then you must need to inform the manufacturer. The battery replacement may occur after using it for a year at least. You just need to open the port where the battery remains and replace it with a new one. The whole process is so easy that requires a minute only. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some following common answers while users fall in trouble using the Pure Wave. So let’s read it to know more about this massager.

Are vibrations bad for pregnancy?

Normally, vibration doesn't affect you during pregnancy, however, you must avoid applying deep massaging during the last three months of your pregnancy.

What is Pado?

Pado is the brand who produces Pure Wave massager, and the name means one of the Enochian angels. However, the meaning doesn't relate to the brand itself. 

What should I do when the massager doesn't start right away?

Normally, it takes 3 seconds to start and for that, you need to turn the dial to engage the mode. Again to go for the facial massage you need to keep dialing once again that also takes an extra 3 seconds. If you see it doesn't work then perhaps, the battery comes to dead recharge it or even after it doesn't work then go for the replacement.


Pure Wave massager has a great diverse usage for that the benefits are also diverse. The massager covers almost all the body parts and releases pain anywhere you feel. However, to get all the benefits, you must need to acknowledge How to use pure wave cm7 massager. As we have already sorted out it, then hopefully you are going to experience Pure Wave massager as the best percussive therapy device.

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