How To Use Percussion Massager?

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Using any handheld deep tissue percussion massager will give you many astonishing health benefits. Before that, you must come to know how to use them. 

Nowadays, percussion massagers are found in different shapes, sizes, and features however, the main objective of them remains the same. This diversity may confuse you while using them, hence it is high time to know it. 

Keeping this in mind, we are going to let you know every ins and out of how to use percussion massager. Hopefully, this article will bring all the important factors into the light below. 

What is the most powerful percussion massager?How to use percussion massager

The most powerful percussion massager comes with a more powerful deep tissue massaging process. For that, the manufacturer brings more electrical power consumption that drives more vibrating power to the massager. As a result, one can switch between a much intense power mode. 

As you know the athlete spends a lot of time at his workout and the same happens to the gym enthusiasts. The more time they have actively involved that exercise the more vulnerable they become to get some muscle soreness, muscle knots, and many more conditions. 

To relieve that situation only a powerful handheld percussion massager can benefit them. Hence, the powerful percussion massager would be those which are suitable for the athletes. 

Note: If you know the best powerful massager, it may give you the most intense massaging. But still, you need to know how to choose the right massager? Because not all massagers may come efficient and effective for you. 

Benefits of percussion massager:

Want to know how diverse benefits of a percussion massager? Then just have a look at these following points. How to use percussion massager

  • We have already mentioned above that a percussion massager has a lot of effective benefits, but what they are? Let’s let you know the most charming benefits of it.
  • Once you have gone through the medical surgery percussion massager helps you to get fast recovery from it or you will find it in the same way with your injured body parts. 
  • It makes sure to relief you from both chronic and acute hip pain, back pain, muscle soreness, or muscle tissue pain. 
  • Percussion massager would be an excellent tool that gives you therapy at your home so it saves time, money and effort at the same place. 
  • Percussion massager helps the paralyzed people for the regular therapy hence, the numb muscle comes to life in a slow but steady process.
  • One of the major benefits of using a professional percussion massager is to have increased blood flow in our body while we lack in to get adequate blood circulation.

Note: We just let you know some of the common benefits but still there are tons of adding benefits of using any percussion massager. Wants’ to know all of them? Then just simply grasp the whole article on the Benefits of percussion massager right away.

How to use percussion massager?

You bring the right massager from the store but it doesn’t serve it purposer then what makes them cause it? Most probably, you still don’t know how to use percussion massager, however, you know the features of it only. 

A percussion massager comes with diverse features. The first thing to use them, you must know how it works like the intensity of it and how it switches between different modes and actions.

In that case, all you need to do is to point on the different action mode over the specific body parts then shoot the messenger gun. 

This is what, you commonly know, right? Then you must struggle with the intensity level and which massage tip would be perfect for which location of your body. 

  • Where to use it? How to use percussion massager?

The main advantage of using any of the top percussion massagers is to engage it at different locations of our body. Some of them have a real power to penetrate thick muscles and give proper deep tissue massaging like the thigh muscles. 

On the other hand, it goes around different places like the upper back, lower back, neck, chest, upper arms, forearms, calves, hip flexors, feet, shin, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Again, when you use the massager across the different parts of our body, then you must come to know which special head tips are for which locations specifically. 

Be careful, while dealing with the joints and bones and somewhat close the head and spine too. Besides, there is some muscle tissue in our body that comes to so thin so you need to lower down the intensity mode too.

  • Adjust your massager intensity mode:

Adjusting to the different intensity modes whenever you want is a great advantage of having a percussion massager. The whole operation should be user-friendly too. 

These are the two most important things of a percussion massager: 

  1. The intensity or the speed of massager measured in RPM stands for revolutions per minute. 
  2. A percussion massager has a diverse number of head attachments. 

You will come to know the level of intensity whenever the massager goes across every threshold of thick muscles and alleviate the pain remarkably. 

But, you need to aware from one thing like any intense mode may not cause pain like a boomerang. Hence, you must educate to deal with different modes of them at different body parts too. 

This may lead to more harm than good for most people. Besides, if you think the massaging lead to the suffocation like you can not take the full breath in and out, then pretty sure you increase unusually intense mode. 

When to use percussion massager?

Percussion massager for all of the people who are suffering from any problem or not. So even the healthiest person will get benefit out of it. However, one must know the perfect situation to use percussion massager. 

The main use of a percussion massager is for medical treatment. Earlier those treatments were done by many harmful drugs that cause many side effects. Hence, the percussion massager came as a blessing to them that allow minimum side effects and used as the non-abrasive drugs.

After the medical treatment, an athlete, sportsmen or gym enthusiast will find it pretty helpful after pre-workout and post-workout. It relieves pain from a sudden injury or chronic pain. Apart from that, regular use of it will help them to obstruct any occasional pain during a workout. 

Some patients like a paralyzed person will get a lot of benefits from it. Regular use of it, the paralyzed muscle comes to alive surprisingly.

When you have a surgical condition, or you are injured from an accident you can use the percussion massager too. Besides, when you have diabetes, it helps you to stimulate blood circulation to a great extent. 

Percussion massager side effect:

Even the best percussion massager may come out with some side effects to you, however, you can lower the chances of knowing the safety tricks. Here are some of the side effects of it. 

  • Due to the unusual use of a percussion massager, it may adversely cause negative effects such as increased pain in the muscle or the symptoms become even worse.
  • The increase of blood circulation for the high blood pressure patient may lead to the tear of the blood vessel when they overuse it.
  • Using a massager in a wrong way like the different head attachments for a certain use, so it causes harm while you put the wrong attachment for the wrong body parts.
  • Percussion massager therapy is not good for pregnant women always as it may cause pain due to having deep tissue massage.
  • There are some certain diseases and patients who are not allowed to use percussion therapy

Warnings and Safety Cautions:How to use percussion massager

Even with the best massager, you should apply the following warning and safety cautions:

  • As you come to know some of the side effects of a percussion massager. You can easily cope up when you know the safety preparations. Here are some of the safety preparations for it.
  • The first thing comes first, always use the given charger provided with your massager. Any unspecified charger may lead to overheating, shock or even explosion.
  • Only use the product that is certified by itself and make sure that the brand is reputable. 
  • Stay safe from using a massager with wet hands, especially when it is plugged into power.
  • Make sure you keep the product away from heating appliances, for example, microwave, hot utensils or pressure cooker. 
  • You must not apply force on it while using or any such situations. 
  • Last but not least, try to keep it aloof from the child’s use or reach.

Percussion Massager Charging instructions:percussion massager Charging instruction

As every percussion massager is run by the electric power so you must know how to charge them up. Here are a few tips on it. 

  • Keep a percussion massager that comes with an adequate wire to the plug
  • Make sure, you will plug the charger into an electrical outlet
  • Now, do the same with the massager charging port itself
  • Know how the massager LED lights are working like it may come with red, green and orange colored LED light, but may not always. So you must know how to deal with those light and how do they signal to you.
  • Ensure the proper safety like you should not overcharge it at all
  • Remove the plug while it is fully charged before use


Every time you come to know about a percussion massager and how it works and benefit of you, you become mesmerized. The tons of adding benefits and diverse features of the best percussion massager are the main focus for you. Therefore, we discussed the key points of it so you can get an overview of how to use percussion massager. Hopefully, we will educate you about the most important scenarios of it. 

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