How to Choosing a Perfect Percussion Massager?

Choosing a Perfect Percussion MassagersWhen I saw my first percussion massager I found it within a single head which is capable of generating a wave that reduced my shoulder pain. A few months later, I bought another one that is for my wife for her hip pain. The massager I found totally different with dual brush head somewhat longer than mine in size. Both were different in features and functionalities, however, both are pain-relieving and generate more blood circulation. Then I came to know that, choosing an ideal percussion massager is not about sticking to any specific type of it. Instead of it,  you need to know the versatility of it and then you will start getting benefits of percussion massager.

 As I have told you earlier that there is no specific best percussion massager for all rather you need to find yours. The most powerful percussion massager will serve the best purpose for what you are employing it. For example, if you choose a massager, especially for your facial treatment then you will find puffiness after using them. After a few days later, you won’t see your acne come out. 

What does a percussion massager do?

The purpose of a percussion massager is versatile. It helps to reduce pain and this is the main purpose of it. Apart from it, it helps many people such as it helps patients for medical treatment after surgery or injury. It helps the athletes, who need pre-massage and post-massage so that they are more productive in their particular sports. Percussion massager is also helpful for pregnant women as it helps them to lessen depression and develop a better mood.

What is an Electric Percussion Massager?

Percussion massager powered by electricity when you plug it with the electricity then you find it come alive. The corded percussion massagers are the most common one that has a certain length comes from the switchboard. 

Which Type of Massager is Right for You?

Now come to the main point and it is very important to find out. Let me tell you, how to get the right percussion massager.

First off, ask yourself why do you need it. Basically, people use a percussion massager either for a specific reason and to a specific body spot or to get overall health benefits.

If you are from the number one group then it would somehow easier to choose the right percussion massager. For example, if you want to reduce your foot pain then you can see the foot percussion massager and so on. 

The second group who don’t know how it may help them since they are not facing any health hazard right not. In that case, they can do one thing. 

Suppose the aged people tend to have joint stiffness and the women have more probability to have the wrong mode while ministration. Depending on that different situation they can find their own. However, it is not as easy as the first group of people.

To know how to find the right percussion massager let’s see a few different types of percussion massagers right below

What are the different types of massages?

The percussion massage is not limited to one or two body spots rather it has so many types of massages such as you can use them in your hips, feet, skin, abdomen, shoulders, upper body pain relief and for the lower body. To ease your different organs the types and techniques vary one from another. 

So which percussion massager you are looking for? Yet to know so let’s talk about this. 

What is the best massage device?How to Choosing a Perfect Percussion Massager

  • Percussion Massage Guns: When it comes to buying a percussion massager, I recommend you get the percussion massage guns. Because it is more versatile than any of massagers and helps to provide fast recovery from pain. The massager guns are employed in different body spots so it is not limited to any certain areas. You can hold them and use them against the hand's muscles, leg muscles and around the hips.
  •  Massage Pillows: Massage pillows are not used for diversified pressure points where pain generates. But it works amazingly around the neck for neck pain and the upper hips. You will get help from the soreness, pressure point, and excessive chronic pain. It works like a vibrating object that produces lots of hits to the body spots and feels you comfortable with the pain. I have seen fast recovery from chronic pain day to day use.
  • Shoulder and Neck Massagers: Neck and shoulder massager specially designed for relieving your pain around the shoulder and neck. It has amazing feedback for the discomfort in your neck and shoulder reducing the stiffness. Most of the people get a direct benefit from this excellent device. So if you have chronic pain then you can definitely try it. 
  • Massage Chair Pads: Unlike a massage chair, it is made of cushions that you can place over the chairs and get the same results. The pain-relieving form the back is truly amazing and it also reduces the chronic back pain. 
  • TENS Unit: It is a process of electrical nerve stimulation operated by a battery and you can treat your pain by the great impulse. It is specially used for pain-relieving as using it endorphins largely exerted from the nerves. 
  • Massage Sticks: Not a popular one but still works to some extent to get away pain around the hips and legs. It looks like a stick and that’s why it is called massage sticks. You can rub inside the muscle and get instant pain relief. 
  • Massage Rollers: The massage rollers are pretty similar to the massage sticks. However, it has holes on both sides of the edges whereas the massage sticks don’t have so. Unlike massage sticks, it is more flexible and made of hard rubber and spiked form as it can provide the deep tissue massaging. By the way, the process is manual not an electric device.
  • Foot massagers: It is a special type of massager that works for releasing dopamine after using them into your foot. Using it is for that reason it is pretty popular for many years and now with the foot massager, you can do it with more ease and comfort.
  • Massage Chairs: This one is a bit expensive but it works. Sit relaxed and get the sound massaging from it. This type of massage has a number of vibrating motors that ensure the upper body relaxing and most focusing spots are on the back and they are neck, spine, and shoulders. 
  • Full Back Massage Cushions: Massage cushions helps to weaken the probability of having spondylosis and arthritis. At the same time, you will recover fast if you have already gone through any of this. Again, it is working as a tension relieving device and blood circulation. 
  • Head Massager: The head massager increases the blood flow in your scalp and thus you will have a more hairy head. Moreover, it helps with the pain alleviation for that you will have a comfortable experience with any head massager. This head massager normally comes with a portable form so you can go anywhere and use them. 

Which is the best massager to buy? 

What is the best massager? 

How to pick the best massager for you?

  • Comfort and Ease of Use:

A percussion massager may serve for different reasons and body spots but it is for your comfort and ease of use. What happens if your percussion massager canWhat is the best massager? not have the comfort hits? That sounds really bad. The main objective of your percussion massager is to give you adequate relaxation while massaging around the body spots. The deep tissue massages help to reduce the pain eventually you will feel the ultimate comfort from using it. Moreover, when you are injured suppose you have broken your left arm then the massager will relieve the pain at the same time helps to remove muscle knots or spasm. This is how it works in every situation.

  • Percussion Mechanism:

Percussion mechanism is not limited to certain things rather it expands based on where you are going to use them. The skincare percussion mechanism may not come out the same with the foot massager. 

  • Cordless Design:

The cordless design is for the ultimate benefit as it helps way better than the corded. Some of them are not only cordless but also rechargeable, therefore, you will have the ultimate flexibility and keep it anywhere you want where you need not to the plugin.

  • Heat Therapy:

Heat therapy is a kind of best technique while you are using any massager. So when you will use them then you can get quicker relaxation and extra comfort on your troublesome areas. Why do the heat therapy best and for that you should have a percussion massager? I have heard of this question from a lot of people around me. The answer comes directly as it can relieve you from muscle knots, pain in the lower back upper back, spasm and many treatments. We know that muscle knots are the constant type of pain and for that is called chronic pain. It occurs due to the trouble changing positions and thus it may turn into the cramping. With the help of heating therapy, we will feel relaxed and calm.

  • Range of Different Percussion Heads:

I have told you how I amazed at the versatility of percussion massager. Moreover, any massager has a versatile form by itself as it has a different number of heads. The single heads are for the particular areas to relieve pain and the dual is more versatile as it can employ in different places of our body.

Benefits of Percussion Massagers:

There are a lot of benefits of percussion massagers starting from deep tissue massaging and many more. Many medics suggested it to keep it for remaining safe and sound all the time. People who have chronic pain get the maximum output from it. Let’s discuss below 

  • Deep tissue massage:  

The main objective of serving any percussion massager is for deep tissue massage. The vibrating massager brush hit on to the deep connective tissue and generate more blood circulation. The joint stiffness or muscle spasm gets to come to recovery from this way. 

 What deep tissue massaging can do? Well it can alleviate pain in different areas of the body and there are some examples of how it relieves us from painBenefits of Percussion Massagers

  • Lower back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Recovery from injuries
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Muscle tension relieving
  • Sciatica
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tension or spasm
  • Improve immune system:

Our immune system is the fundamental functionality of our health. If it goes wrong then none can come alive and if it works nice then we can live longer, happier and better. To ensure this, you can use one of the best percussion massagers even you need to spend a lot. The brush head continuously throbbing and relaxing the muscle and at the same time produce more and more oxygen and let the blood flow. As a result, the immune system works well and the process itself develops to cure our diseases. A recent study found that foot massager helps to develop a better immune system whereas the important gland gets adequate oxygen supply. 

  • Reduce Depression:

I have already told you how it works nicely for pregnant women. There is a special type of percussion massager that performs very well with the foot massaging and hence, the necessary oxygen produced from there and go back to the gland and exert dopamine. The dopamine causes releasing effective hormones that make us happy. 

  • Reduce toxin:

Due to the blood circulation, it can reduce the toxin to a great extent and thus, you can be safe from any probable health hazards or diseases. 

  • Skincare:

The massager which specializes in skincare is of great use. It helps to remove the acne and pimple in the long run and keep your skin healthy.

  • Improve digestion:

Our digestive system needs more flexibility and to provide that muscle relaxation works and a recent study found to support this idea. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are vibrating massagers good for you?

Vibrating massagers produce more waves that can heal the joint stiffness or tightness. Normally the level of vibration depends on where you will apply the handheld massager. So if you engage your massager in the right place then it would be good for you. 

are percussion massagers good for you?

Percussion massagers are good for all of us regardless of age and sex. You may be a healthy person but still, you will get benefits of percussion massagers. I have seen different ages of people using the massager and get benefits from it. But make sure to buy which suits you. 

Are percussion massagers safe?

Using a percussion massager is absolutely safe. It doesn’t harm while moving around your body as the brush head that hits the body doesn’t bother you rather it is comfortable. 

What is percussion therapy?

Percussion Therapy is not a new one. If you way back to thousands of years back, you may find the therapy was applied to the ancient people for the same purpose.  It is a process of regulating adequate blood circulation by hitting back the muscle repeatedly. 

What are the benefits of percussion therapy?

Nowadays we get the best massager which performs way better. As a result, we can get fast recovery from pain and many more health benefits. On the other hand, percussion therapy is the process of deep tissue relaxation process whereas the connective tissue gets relief from the tightness. 

Who Can Benefit from Percussion Therapy?

From percussion therapy, you can heal your pain as a fast recovery medical application. Moreover, it generates adequate oxygen and sends back to the blood cell eventually helps to boost the immune system. To be frank, percussion massager benefits is not confined in a few certain areas. 

How long should you use a massager for?

Not necessarily,  you will use them to get over your pain rather you can utilize it for a long term basis. For day to day use, you can have a lot of health benefits. 

Is it good to massage every day?

Yes, it is especially if you can use it in the early morning when our body requires more oxygen. Also, at night you can use before bedtime to get more relaxation which helps to sleep faster. 

Final Recommendation:

After all of this detail elaboration, you probably assume how immense benefits do have any percussion massager. Regardless of age and sex, any of you can use it. The benefits of percussion massagers really astonished me too and now you can feel the same way. So what’s more to think about buying it? Get to know which suits best and bring it at home right away.

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