Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation?

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At the early stage of diabetes, many people face numbness in their feet, and the high blood pressure patient feels in the same way. After a few days of tossing and turning at night, they want to know do foot massagers improve circulation and bring relief in their tired feet or not.

Well, the main role of any best foot massager for neuropathy is to bring more blood circulation, pointing on the feet and vibrating with the different intense settings. Here in this article, we will broadly discuss this matter, so if you have any queries related between the foot massager and the blood circulation then don’t forget to read it.

What are the signs of poor blood circulation in feet?

Poor circulation has many symptoms and they relate to the different complications some are severe and some are not. Here we are going to describe the common symptoms that will inform a person of having poor blood circulation.What are the signs of poor blood circulation in feet

  • Numbness and tingling:

The most common symptom is numbness and tingling in our hands and feet mostly. It seems the blood flow is restricted over there, and the blood flow is not performing to the average level. Sometimes this sensation would be even worse and we feel someone inserts needles or pins.

  • Cold feet:

Our blood circulation helps our body to get the proper temperature that our body usually requires. So we feel no abnormality, but when the rate of blood flow comes to fall, then the temperature fluctuates sharply. For that, the sudden cold feeling is the symptom in this way.

  • Swelling in our feet:

Poor blood circulation leads to edema in our lower extremities, and it may also occur when we do not get the proper blood flow across our feet. As a result, the fluid comes to accumulate in the legs and gives us a bad sensation.

  • Fatigue:

When we get proper blood circulation in our feet and the blood travels back to the whole body, we feel properly energized. But when it comes to restrict by any cause, then we do not get the proper energy throughout our body, and eventually we feel fatigued and tired. This would be another reason for the poor blood circulation in our feet.

  • Acute pain in leg muscles:

When we don’t get the adequate amount of blood circulation mostly in our feet then it cause acute pain in our legs, feet and hands. This would be a serious complication and only occur when we remarkably get poor blood circulation.

  • Changes of skin color:

If you don’t get blood flow at our feet may be restricted by any reason, then the area of that place get pale or blue. It is because our skin of that particular area doesn’t get the proper blood, and eventually change its color.

How do you fix poor circulation?How do you fix poor circulation?

The best cure is the feet massaging, and as you are affected so you need someone to do so, even better would be if there is any best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy. This process gives the instant adequate amount of blood flow across your body.

If you are in a better condition to control your body, then you can do a little cardio. So get up and run or jump for a while, then you will instantly get the proper blood circulation.

The final process would be two steps altogether, start eating Omega3 and stop smoking right away. Yes, you hear the Omega3, it is the best diet ever for the people of having poor blood circulation. On the other hand, when you have grown the habit of smoking over the period, that causes your poor blood circulation, especially with the lower extremities.

Note: If you come to know the key factors of fixing up your poor blood circulation, now you may need to know how foot massaging alone benefit you to get proper blood circulation. Therefore, here is an article on Is Foot Massage healthy?

What can you do for poor circulation in your feet?

There are a lot of precautions you might take, and they will be effective in the long run. In the short term, the basic thing you can do is to have a foot massager and use it regularly to get back the proper blood flow at once. On the other hand, if you want to train your body to get naturally and effectively get the blood flow in a long term basis, then you need to take some steps.

First off, stop smoking cigarettes right now, it is a slow poison and harm mostly the blood circulation process. And, then check out out your cholesterol level, and exercise regularly and eat healthy food to decrease the extra cholesterol. Make sure, your sleeping hours at least 8 hours and you go to bed early and get up early as well. Our sleeping time, and standard sleeping hours largely affect our blood circulation in throughout our daytime.

Which foot massagers improve blood circulation?

More or less all types of foot massagers improve circulation, but there are some foot massager which are the best deal for improving blood circulation. We can’t explain or bring the list of them all, what we can do is shortly describe those features of a them.Do foot massagers improve circulation?

  • Versatile intensity level:

The more intensity level  a foot massager has, the more you adjust to your feet and bring more improved blood circulation. Normally a foot massager comes with three intensity levels of vibration from Low to Medium and Medium to High.

  • Air compression:

This feature is the latest edition in the sophisticated foot massager. Having air compression brings more blood flow and relief to the lymphatic nodes from numbness.

  • Shiatsu Massaging:

Shiatsu massaging is another latest technology in the closed massager, and it is the process of targeting different areas of our feet and legs and bring more adequate blood circulation.

  • Kneading process:

Nowadays, there are truly effective some foot massager that gives us amazing blood circulation due to the kneading process. The kneading process in our feet provide more intense and dedicated massaging with the help of sharp edges and pointers in the foot massager. The process is 3x faster and better than the regular foot massager massaging to bring the blood flow.

  • Heating therapy:

Normally heating sensation comes with the closed chamber foot massager, and it works better to alleviate the pain in our feet. Besides, it helps to bring more blood flows as well. So this is called the heat therapy in an ideal foot massager.

Note: If you have the right massager and don’t know how to use them then it will give you a hard time. Again you need to know how long should you use a foot massager?

Can reflexology help with poor circulation?Can reflexology help with poor circulation?

To improve the blood circulation, people try to sort out many ways, and it began from the ancient period since hundreds of years back to China. That process is called Reflexology, which is an earlier but still an effective process, and recommended while you don’t have a foot massager. So coming back to the modern time the foot massager beat this process.

This ancient healing process promotes the conditions of our reflex points, especially on the feet. In more depth, reflexology is a pressurized technique that applied to the reflexes on our feet and promotes blood flows and other wellbeing. Normally, this process is intermingled with the different glands and organs of our body. To be honest, those glands and pressure points are countless even sore up to 15000 nerve points.

This processing aid in different well being of our health starting from the blood circulation promotion, relieve pain, gives relaxation, alleviates edema, and many more health benefits. However, the main benefit comes to the lower extremities that is our feet and the consequences are to promote better blood circulation.

Frequently asked questions:

Are foot massagers Good for circulation?

The main role of any foot massager is to improve our blood circulation using the vibration mode at our feet maintaining the different intensity levels.

Is vibration good for your feet?

Vibration is good for our feet to some extent, as it helps to boost the blood to circulate properly and reduce the symptoms of numbness and tingling.

Can I improve circulation in my feet?

One can improve circulation in his or her feet using some technique or applying a foot massager as well.

How can I improve the circulation in my legs?

You can improve the circulation in many ways, the best thing is to apply a leg massager or a foot massager, on the other hand, you can do some cardio like running or walking, as it helps as well.

Final thought

Many people have a lot of quarries about how a foot massager reduces pain and increases blood circulation. We try to evaluate the quarries and answer them in our article. So, if our article gives some valuable information on do foot massagers improve circulation and how it would be, then this article would be successful. We eventually try to sort out different scenarios and all of them relate to the benefit of having a foot massager.

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