What is the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7?

When Pure Wave massager hit the market four years back, none could imagine that this California based massager will become a hype in the massage world. Most popular was the CM5 when it came in 2018, and there are reasons behind this reputation. Afterward, CM7 massager comes with some more features like facial therapy and more head attachments. These features make the difference between Pure Wave Cm5 and Cm7. 

Today in this article, we will cover the review of two best percussion massager and make compare pure wave cm5 vs cm7. Grasp the whole article as there are a lot of things are waiting about these two massagers below.

What is pure wave massager?difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7

Pure Wave massager is a percussion massager equipment producer based in California, USA, which has been doing its business last four years. 

Pure Wave brought just 3 percussion massager until now they are Cm3, Cm5, and Cm7. Apart from it, they produce quality vacuum blenders and air purifiers products too. Now their hand-held pure wave massagers become popular as they made it lightweight, easy to operate but considered to be the most powerful percussion massager.

Types or version of pure wave massager

Pure Wave now become an industry leader with just three variations of percussion massager, they are:

  • Pure Wave Cm3
  • Pure Wave Cm5
  • Pure Wave Cm7

The Pure Wave Cm3 came with single speed percussion massager with limited features compared to the latest version. It doesn't have dual speed mode and only 2 head attachments (6 head stick and point stick)

Later on, in 2018 the Pure Wave Cm5 came to the market and become an instant hype for better specifications. Pure Wave first time brought the variable speed with 3 head attachments, they are air cushion stick, 6 head sticks, and point sticks)

The latest one is Pure Wave Cm7, the most unforgiving percussion massager that has dual speed motor. The first phase of the motor is for percussive therapy, and the second phase is for facial therapy. Besides, it crosses the limitation of the previous Cm5 massager regards to the head attachments. So Cm7 includes three attachments apart from what Cm5 has. 

Benefits of pure Wave percussion massager  

What Pure Wave brings in their percussion massager that makes difference from others in regards to get the output? The benefit of their massager is more versatile than you can imagine, so let’s see some of the major benefits of it. 

  • Pure Wave percussion massager is extremely lightweight compared to the other massagers, hence it is easy to operate across the body.
  • For home therapy, one can utilize it in the best way, it has a powerful motor, many head attachments that cause pain to relieve at home within 20 minutes of use.
  • Pure Wave massager stimulates blood circulation at great pace having the great thumping vibration mode and go back and forth easily.
  • Having cordless feature, it can reach to the hard places of our body like the calves, areas behind the forearms and thighs.
  • It weighs less than 2 pounds so easy to bring at your gym, besides the battery is an absolutely winsome feature that lasts for 180 minutes in one charge.

Comparison chart

Want to escape reading the whole article? Then just have a look at the comparison charts below where you can make a decision.

Difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7

As you know Pure Wave has two popular massagers- cm5 and cm7. Both of these massagers mostly have the same features and specifications and serving as the great percussion massager. However, if you dig deep into them you will find some differences. 

First off, the Cm5 is the previous version of Cm7 so it is obvious that Cm7 would have more features. Besides, Cm7 has almost every feature and benefits what Cm5 has. Apart from that Cm7 has something new, what they are? 

Well, CM7 has a dual motor powerful percussion massager. The level of intensity of the massager is better than the Cm5 again, it comes with the fascial vibration mode. If you ever come to know about Cm5 then you must know that Cm5 doesn't have the fascial therapy mode. With Cm7 you can not only therapy to your body muscles but also facial muscles too. Again, you can treat your scalp with great care.

While reviewing the Cm5 massager of Pure Wave, we just came to know this would be a great hammer-like percussion massager. It has 3 head attachments like the air cushion, six head stick and point stick. 

All of these are pretty good for percussive therapy. Until the release of Pure Wave Cm5, nobody ever knew that facial therapy is possible at home. Cm7 brought the latest feature of dual motor speed and unlike percussive therapy, it makes possible the slow mode therapy to the face and scalp. Therefore, it comes with an additional 3 head attachments for face and scalp and nourishing with cream and moisture.

Last but not least, CM5 is somewhat shorter and lighter than the Cm7. As Cm7 comes with the fascial therapy so it has to be longer where the mechanism of it works. Besides, for dual motor, it comes with more weight too. These are the key differences of pure wave cm7 vs cm5

Below here we are going to elaborately describe the review of Cm5 and Cm7 for that, you will get more insights about these Pure Wave massagers. 

PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager (White)

Pure Wave latest percussion massager is Cm7 which is intelligently designed for versatile use. The dual-motor percussion therapy along with the 6 head attachments are the main attention of it. Let’s talk about more below pure Wave CM7 Massager ReviewPUREWAVE CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion

  • Dual Massage Speed: 

The main attention of CM7 is to have the dual massage speed which is possible by dint of dual motor. The first motor is for percussive therapy and the second one is for the fascial micro vibrating massage. Both of these two motors set oppositely, the harder speed at the main location and the softer, smoother vibration motor located at the beneath of it. 

  • Weight:

More or less, ever Pure wave massager comes with less than 2 pounds so there is no exception with the Pure Wave Cm7. However, this one is a bit less light compared to the previous model which comes as 1.75 pounds.

  • Size:

Compared to the previous massager Pure Wave Cm7 size is bigger as it comes with the fascial therapy. For that, the overall size of it comes as 16.5 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches.

  • Cordless:

One of the main features of all Pure Wave massager is to have the cordless feature so be with the Pure Wave Cm7. For experiencing the better recharging it is built-in Lithium-ion as a result, you will have it fast charge within an hour and remain for 2 hours. It has been tested for 2 hours of running, however, you can only use for 20 minutes at a stretch and then resume again.

  • Massage Modes:

The massage modes of it are two types of intense mode and softer mode. The intense or regular massage mode is for percussion therapy and the soft mode is for the fascia therapy. 

  • Massage heads:

Pure Wave Cm7 comes with six head attachments and thus it is more versatile than the previous versions. The first 3 head attachments are air cushion stick, point stick, and six-head stick. These are common with the previous version and they are for the intense massage therapy. The new head attachments are oil stick, scalp stick, and fascial stick, which are run by the slow vibrating mode. 

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Is the Purewave cm7 effective for our body part?

To be frank, Pure wave Cm7 almost everything that an advance percussion massager should have. It comes with the versatile six heads for that you can not only allow deep tissue massage to all body parts but you can also do some fascial therapy too. Hence, it is one of the most effective home therapy massagers right now in the market. Having the most powerful dual motor feature allows any deep muscles to undergo intense therapy. 

Pure-Wave CM5 Cordless Percussion Massager (Black)

What Pure Wave Cm5 has that will benefit you? Let's read the following key features of CM5, and see what it offers to you. Pure-Wave CM5 Cordless Percussion Massager

  • Weight: 

You will experience one of the lightest Percussion massagers with Cm5 because it has just 1.65 pounds of weight. Hence, you don’t feel uncomfortable while giving therapy for a long time.

  • Size:

The height of it comes with 14.75 in, the width is 2.75 in and the depth of it is 4 in only. The overall size is less then the CM7 for that you may find a more comfortable ergonomic design with it. 

  • Variable Speed Control:

Cm5 comes with 1500 to 3700 rpm speed and you can change this mode of speed. The more speed means more deep tissue massage. As you know our all the body parts are not the same for that, you need to switch between one intense level to another hence, you can utilize the variable speed control with Cm5. 

  • Cordless:

Like, all the Pure Wave massager, you are going to experience the cordless feature with Cm5 too. This cordless feature is really effective due to having a strong Lithium-ion battery which takes charge up for an hour and then serves for 2 hours. While going to the gym center or anywhere else, where you can charge it, then this cordless feature helps you to release pain. 

  • Massage heads:

Pure wave Cm5 comes with 3 massage heads attachments they are, six massage stick, point stick, air-cushion stick. All of them have versatile use like the air cushion stick is for medium percussive therapy and the six massage stick and point stick is for intense massage therapy.  

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Is the Purewave cm5 effective for our body part?

Pure Wave is the lightest massager at the same time it is user-friendly. Therefore, one can easily attend the therapy where the regular massager hard to reach. For that, it seems to the user as one of the effective massagers to its consumers. More or less, every user finds it super effective due to having powerful massaging therapy and longer-lasting cordless feature.

Compare pure wave cm5 vs cm7What isCompare pure wave cm5 vs cm7 the difference between pure wave cm5 and cm7

There is a tricky part while comparing between cm5 vs cm7. The CM7 has almost the same thing what Cm5 has and the extra things are the fascial vibration mode, extra three head attachments. To bring up this feature, Pure Wave Cm7 becomes longer and you will experience more weight.  

But when you will compare pure wave cm5 vs cm7 the major difference is with the price, and you need to make your decision whether you will afford Cm7 or not. Besides, the extra features of Cm7 will charm you or not. 

If you stick to the previous version, that means you are happy with the intensive mode of therapy excluding the fascial one. This could be a bigger ace, in regards to saving your money. Besides, you will have less weight and find more ease to use it. 

How to use Purewave?

While using Pure Wave cm7, it requires to know a few certain things. If you come to know all of them then you can easily utilize it in the best way. Therefore, you will experience it as a great tool for a pain reliever and blood circulation promoter.

But before you know how you can use it, you must know how this percussion massager works. Hence, you can operate it in the right manner. 

First of the main thing is to use the dual-motor, the first one is for the percussive therapy and the second mode is for slow speed massaging to the face. The ON/OFF switch is located and you can toggle it around 180 degrees clockwise. The first one will start is with the percussive therapy mode and if you turn it to the next level then only if the second mode will start with a beep. 

The six attachments will be divided into 2 segments. The first three head attachments will fix to the head of this massager and the last three (fascial attachments) will attach to the tail of this massager. 

Charging instruction:pure wave Charging instruction

Make sure that you are going to follow these following charging instructions: 

  • Ensure that you plug in the charger into an electrical outlet
  • Now, the same goes to the charger port, plug into the pure wave cm7 cordless massager
  • Now, you will see one of the indicators is blinking that shows it is charging
  • There would be a number of colors, green, red, orange, and green means the charge is done
  • When the charge is done up to 90% then you will see the green indicator is blinking then remove the charger from the port. 

Battery replacement:

pure Wave CM7 Massager machine is a very powerful massager due to having a powerful Lithium battery. It is operated by the AC charger so when the battery gets enough charge, it can run up to 2 hours at one stretch, which means, it can allow you to experience a great portable percussion massager at your gym center or anywhere outside the home. 

Besides, the battery is packed with the 7.2V lithium-ion 2200mA, and more importantly, it is replaceable only by the manufacturer. If you come to know the battery is dead then you must need to inform the manufacturer. The battery replacement may come effective after using it for at least a year. You just need to open the port, where the battery remains and replace it with a new one. The whole process is so easy that requires a minute only. 

Safety tips:

Make sure, you are maintaining the following safety tips while using Pure Wave massager.

  • Since you come to know some of the side effects of a percussion massager. You can easily cope up when you know the safety preparations. Here are some of the safety preparations for it.
  • First comes first served, try to always use the given charger provided with your massager. Any unspecified charger may lead to overheating, shock or even explosion.
  • Only use the product that is certified by itself and make sure that the brand is reputable.
  • Make sure you keep the product away from heating appliances, for example, microwave, hot utensils or pressure cooker.
  • Last but not least, try to keep it aloof from the child’s use or reach.
  • You must not apply force on it while using or any such situations.
  • Stay safe from using a massager with wet hands, especially when it is plugged into power.


After reading two professional percussion massager, you have come to the final words in this article. If you concentrate on the whole article then you must come to know all the major differences between pure wave cm5 vs cm7

In short, the main differences are with the versatile dual-stage therapy and additional 3 head attachments of CM7 massager what Cm5 doesn’t persist. To be frank, this is not the main attention of any percussion massager however, it helps them who require fascial therapy. If it sounds good to you then you can move ahead to the CM7 unless, Cm5 would save your money. 

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