Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects - Everything You Need to Know

Deep Tissue Massage Side EffectsWhen we were researching deep tissue massage side effects, some argued that deep tissue massage side effects include toxin release. We couldn’t believe it and wondered if the matter was really this serious.

So, we did some more digging and couldn't find any proof against the claim. Neither deep-tissue massage therapy detoxifies your body, nor it releases toxins while you are getting the massage. However, it has some valid side effects, and let's talk about the real facts.

What Is A Deep-Tissue Massage?

Deep-tissue massage technique applies deep massage strokes to the targeted inner layers of your body muscle. It is a slow but intense pressure applying process that helps to break up the scar tissue. As a result, the tension in muscle and tissue gets significantly reduced. You can get such a massage from a professional or using a deep tissue massage machine device.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Though deep-tissue massage is beneficial to a lot of people, the after deep tissue massage effects can be harmful to some people. Those who have a blood clotting disorder, taking medicines for blood thinning, have a bleeding disorder, or currently having cancer therapy can experience harmful side effects of deep-tissue massage therapy. Now, let’s talk about almost all of its side effects in detail below.

Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects

In some situations, you have to consider the dangers of deep tissue massage therapy seriously. Let's see what those are and avoid this therapy if you have any previous history.

  • Prolonged Pain:

If you take deep-tissue massage therapy for a few days and suddenly stop, you may experience prolonged pain that occurred during the sessions. But taking regular therapy won’t give you this problem.

  • Headache:

Some complained about getting headaches after a deep-tissue massage, but headaches can happen due to a lot of different causes. So, you can't exactly blame it on the massage technique.

  • Aching Muscles:

Due to the technique of this massage, you can temporarily feel an ache in your muscles, which is normal. This uncomfortable feeling goes away if you continue taking the massage regularly.

  • Feeling Sleepy:

In some infrequent cases and odd situations, some people complained about getting a dizzy feeling and being sleepy. Those are not normal cases, and we couldn't make sure if it really is because of deep-tissue massage or not.Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects

  • Inflammation:

Due to deep-tissue penetration, you might feel inflammation rarely. The targeted area can become hot and sometimes a bit painful, which is not very concerning.

  • Nausea:

Deep-tissue massage in some specific areas may upset the stomach, and you can feel nausea temporarily. After some time resting or drinking water, you won't feel it anymore.

  • Triggering an Old Injury:

If you have the previous injury that is healed over time but haven’t gone completely, deep-tissue massage can bring it back.

  • Risk Of Fracture:

Deep-tissue massage can be intense sometimes, and people with weak and vulnerable bone possess the risk of getting fractured bone.

  • Tissue Tears:

Improper techniques or overtaking the therapy may tear the tissues in some areas. So, don’t take the service from an unprofessional or cheap massage machine.

  • Blood Clots:

Getting careless while giving or taking a deep-tissue massage can lead to dislodging blood clots. In case of getting clots trapped in the lungs or brain or other tissues, it might become a concerning issue.

  • Deep Tissue Massage & Cancer:

It is also not recommended for cancer patients to get a deep-tissue massage because their body and internal body parts become weak for the disease.

  • Incorrect therapy:

This actually applies to all other massage techniques because improperly having or giving massage can cause damages to several degrees.

  • Soreness:

Temporary muscle soreness has been reported by several people, which is also a normal thing regarding deep-tissue massage therapy. Continuing the massage will take the soreness away after some days.

  • Drowsy and Tired:

After a deep-tissue massage, you can sometimes get drowsy and feel tired because the muscles get relaxed as well as the nerves.

  • Hot Red Skin:

You know that this massage penetrates deep into your muscles, and it can cause hot red skin. This is not a serious issue, and you can ignore this point if you want.

Those are almost all deep tissue massage side effects that you can understand are not so serious, and not everyone faces them. So, let's see some positive sides of the deep-tissue massage technique.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Good For You?

Yes, deep tissue massage therapies are good for your body in many ways. Those who have sports injuries, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, sciatica, tennis elbow, or some other type of injuries, regular deep tissue massage can help them greatly.

This massage technique stimulates the muscles, eases tension, and removes knots. As a result, the muscles recover quickly without the side effects of medicines. It also helps to remove blood clots and increase blood circulation in the affected area. So, it was evident that the best deep tissue massager machines are good for injured patients.

Note: Those are some of the main benefits, but you can know more by reading our article on deep tissue massage benefits.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Can a deep tissue massage make you sick?

Yes, it may sometimes feel you sick due to a sudden increase in the metabolic waste inside your body.

When does a massage go bad?

If you apply this massage technique in fresh injuries, you will surely get in a very bad situation.

How Painful Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

To be specific, it is not painful, but you will feel discomfort in some normal areas. Even after finishing the massage, you keep feeling the same for some time.

Final Thought:

Almost everything has merits and demerits, and this massage technique is no different. Despite having deep tissue massage side effects, a lot of people take it because they don't experience those typically. The cases of having side effects are comparatively low, and we like portable deep tissue massagers for a relaxing massage anywhere. If you are confident and your doctor has given you a green signal, you can buy your preferable professional deep tissue massage machine reading our reviews.

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