Benefits of Percussion Massagers That Boosts Muscle Recovery and Relief Pain

Benefits of Percussion MassagersI have seen people working out in the gym, and sweating profusely there so that they can burn fat faster. But avoiding the pre-massage strategy before a workout is a probable threat and only an amateur makes this mistake.

Therefore, the muscle relaxation process is a must before performing any intense physical activities. It’s not a new technique rather it was applied to Chinese and Egyptians people in 2700 BC. Now with the modern era, we called it percussion therapy comes from percussion massagers.  

One of the main benefits of Percussion Massagers is to let your body muscles know that you are going to work out. It is all about deep tissue relaxation. 

In other words, you definitely need to tell your body that you are going to engage different organs with a tough workout. 

Are percussion massagers good for you?

Most of the best percussion massager is highly recommended since it improves mood, pain-relieving, helps to get fast recovery and many other health benefits. Percussion massagers are good for all of us but we need to know how to conduct the therapy. Because different body parts may require different ways to conduct massages. 

I can definitely assure you that more or less every athlete goes through this therapy. Therefore they get help from the increased oxygen distribution and proper blood circulation. 

The process amazingly reduces the probability of muscle soreness and cramps. Besides, it paves the way to the fast recovery and thus muscle pain heals faster. 

What is an Electric Percussion Massager?

More or less every percussion massager device is powered by electricity. It would be cordless or corded and the most common are corded. To facilitate, the massaging corded percussion massagers are mostly churned out. 

Have any scientific studies been conducted on percussive massagers? 

Recent studies have found that muscle tissue contraction becomes 25x more powerful while using percussion massager. It also helps to release muscle spasm and muscle tightness and hasten muscle recovery. 

Does the percussion massager increase circulation? 

Yes, one of the main advantages of using percussion massager that is increasing our blood circulation. The wave that comes from the vibration of the massager gets inside the deep tissue and boost the overall blood circulation.

How does the percussion massager help with workout recovery? 

Percussion massage is applied before a workout and after a workout in order to maximize the blood circulation and oxygen distribution. It helps fast recovery from pain. When anyone begins to work out his muscle tissue remains steady and to some extent tight, hence the percussion massage makes it flexible and ready for a workout.

How does percussion massager help with mobility? 

The percussion massager helps to release tension mobilize the stiffness. As a result, it improves mobility and motion transfer. The relaxation has no bound with the percussion massager. 

Is it safe to use a percussion Massager directly on the skin?

Using percussion massager is totally safe on your skin. Moreover, it helps to reduce acne and pimples. After massaging around your face, you may see the redness or light puffiness. It occurs due to the dilation of blood vessels which is an impact of massaging. But don’t freak out with this rather it is a sign that the percussion massager works. 

Who Can Benefit from Percussion Therapy?

A lot of people get help from the percussion massager. Normally it is used for athletes so that they can perform well. Besides, it is used for the patient after surgery for speeding up the healing time. The muscle spasms and stiff joints problem my cure using the muscle percussion massager. An injured person can get relief from pain due to percussion therapy. 

What is percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy means you know how to conduct percussion massage and where you will gently push using any sophisticated device. Hand massage can not provide all benefits of percussion massager as it can not reach all the hard places and push repeatedly. 

What are the benefits of percussion therapy?benefits of percussion therapy

As I have told you that the benefit of percussion therapy is versatile. However, the main task of this therapy is for deep tissue relaxation. Let’s point out the pinpoint benefits of percussion therapy:

  • After medical surgery percussion therapy is given by the therapist. It helps to get fast recovery from the injury. On the other hand, it ensures relief from both acute and chronic back pain, hip pain, and other muscle tissue pain
  • Percussion therapy works excellent for depressed people and it is a common treatment for depression. There are a special therapy and massager device which helps to exert dopamine using it in certain areas in our body.
  • Percussion therapy is considered to be blessings for the paralyzed people. Doctors commonly suggest them to perform the therapy every day. The numb muscles come alive again after a long time of therapeutic activities.
  • Athletes or bodybuilders conduct percussion therapy more intensively than any other people do. They use it sometimes as a pre-massage therapy before tough work out and afterward, they go through the post-massage therapy.

The therapy is not only performed for medical treatment, athletic performance, healing injury and so on. Apart from this, every healthy people can perform the therapy for other physical benefits too. 

Percussion massager benefits:

Benefits of Percussion Massagers

Percussion massager benefits are now widely known to us as it helps to reduce many health hazards. It may be applied in different areas in our body so the type of massager should have some versatility. So let’s introduce with you a few of them:Percussion massager benefits

  • Muscle relaxation: Tight muscles require relief from pain after a heavy exercising or playing on the ground. Percussion massager can provide natural waves and let the muscle tissue relaxed and relieved. 
  • Boost the immune system: the white blood cells are responsible for our immune system and when percussion massage helps to increase in a great number. Recent research has been proved that the increase of it has seen after percussion massage.
  • Reducing Toxins: When our blood circulation works better the toxins send to the heart repeatedly and the heart purifies the blood out of toxin. Massager boosts the blood circulation and make the purifying process faster and reduce more and more toxins in your body. 
  • Improving digestion: Our digestive system requires proper flexibility and in some part of our body need relaxation. So the massager can help you out from it and functioning it in the right manner.  
  • Stress healer: Stress is our best enemy in everyday life. More or less, we all have stress to some or a great extent. Depending on the stress you can use any of the best percussion massagers. 
  • Skincare: our body skin has separate purposes. The body's skin, facial skin, and scalp skin are different. The dermatologist suggests to their patients to use percussion therapy as it can reduce the pimple count and alleviate other skin diseases. On the other hand, massaging scalp help to grow more hair. 
  • PMS relief: During the eve of women menstrual PMS is a common issue. At that time women’s moods plummeted and they can see acne in their faces, feel nausea sometimes and bloating is a common issue. The benefits percussion massager lets them feel good while massaging so they can relieve the PMS to some extent. 
  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking is spread out toxins at the same time it helps to exert dopamine to some extent. The percussion massage also does the same thing. So if a smoker regularly goes through a self-massage then you can avoid smoking. 
  • Improving the autonomic nervous system: The autonomic nervous system is located in the peripheral system which extensively remains unconscious and it controls our body functions. If it doesn't work properly then you will fall into heart strokes, breath or swallow rapidly and much more physical disorders. The percussion massager can alleviate the issue using long term

Which Type of Massager is Right for You?

Buying the right massager is important to utilize it properly. Every organ requires different types of massager. Now the technology is far more flourished to produce different types of massager for different aspects. 

Should I Use a Percussion Massager During Pregnancy?

The benefits of percussion massager during pregnancy improves your mood and let you sleep on the period of pregnancy. We know that, in pregnancy, mothers tend to sleep less and using the percussion massage will release the toxin, generate more dopamine and eventually let her sleep.

How long should you use a massager for?

There is no certain answer to this question. It depends on your situation suppose if you are an athlete then you should use them for life long. On the other hand, if your kid has pain then you can use them until your kid gets relieved and then you can stop using them. 

Is it good to massage every day?

Percussion massager is not only for the ill person but also it can be beneficiary to everyone. Day to day use of it may give you more relaxation, improving immunity, and you will have more flexibility with your body organ. 

How To Choose The Ideal Percussion Massager?Benefits of Percussion Massagers

Choosing an ideal percussion massager requires a few certain things. First off, you need to determine for what reason you are using the massager. Secondly, in which areas, you are going to use it.

Is it for your foot massage or you are going to use it for your skincare or blah blah blah. Depend on the preferences the percussion massager has a number of functionalities and features. Let’s talk about this now

  • Comfort and Ease of Use: Percussion massager comes with a variety. Some of them are so handy to use comparatively some of them may not be. The gripping or holding of it paves the way to ease your use. Make sure you have adjusted with a handy percussion massager device. 
  • Power cord size: There are two types of them, the shorter corded and the longer one. The shorter corded hardly reach too far places where you massage your body and the longer is more easy to use. Depend on your ease of experience you can have your best massager out of it. 
  • Design: Whenever you are going to use the massager make sure the length of it whether it's a long, short or wide one. Normally, if you have the elongated massagers that will be good for reaching tough spots. On the other hand, they have a thinner body so that you can hold within great ease. So here you can see that the size is a big factor to deal with. The shorter messenger is kind of easy to handle. It is a comfortable handheld device that can reach wherever you want them to go.
  • Heat Option: The heating option largely depend on what amount of power it has. If you can switch to the better voltage of it then you will have a more powerful heating option. 
  • Range of Different Percussion Heads: There are normally two types of massage heads and they would be either single or dual. The single-head unit normally has better mobility and easy to reach. Also, they are good to go while massaging any particular spot. Therefore, it is a very good option for your muscle knots or cramps.

On the flip side, there is a double head massager. This is pretty helpful to cover a wider area or go through the whole body massage. 

Is a Percussion Massager Better than Shiatsu MassagerIs a Percussion Massager Better than Shiatsu Massager

The number of percussion massager benefits is not easy to count whereas the Shiatsu has some limited health benefits. Whenever you will use the different percussion massager that will give you a different ace. It decreases the lower back pain and boosts the movement. Improving the immune system and thus help to make labor shorter for the early stage of pregnancy. 

But now we need to judge whether the percussion massager is better than shiatsu massager. So let’s delve into the answer. 

  • Percussion massagers:

Percussion massagers are churning out in different shapes and sizes. Every device comes with specific preferences and meets the demand of numerous requirements. Such as the massager that cares about your skin won't suitable to your hips or other body massages. The vibration of a percussion massager generates more wave then shiatsu massager and thus it can flow more blood circulation. 

  • Shiatsu Massagers:

In the Japanese terms, the word "Shiatsu" means finger pressure and it is commonly known as a Japanese technique. It is passed it medical censorship and gets licensed to medical therapy. So when you are about to use them you need to apply the pressure on to parts of the body that are undergoing in pain.

The old process has introduced with a sophisticated device that is called Shiatsu Massagers. This massager is designed to conduct the palm massaging and finger massage. 

What makes the difference between them? 

Both of those massagers are of great use. However, The percussion massager is more versatile and pain-relieving compared to shiatsu. 

The shiatsu massager is limited to a certain thing that is finger pressing whereas the percussion massager generates more waves with versatile massaging. Hence, I recommend you to go with percussion massager. 

On the other hand, percussion massager has more effective vibration and the versatility lets the massager reach anywhere where the shiatsu fails to do so. 

Final Recommendation:

This all about the benefit of percussion massagers that I have elaborately show you in this article. The most important aspect of having a percussion massager is versatility based on that it has the ability to reduce pain in any body organs. If you ever come to know which massage can relieve your certain pain then look no further to have it right now. 

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